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TECH REPAIR - TRICOART - Haircare Treatments

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TRICOART - Haircare Treatments


TECH REPAIR contains a REPAIRMAN and a supplement against breakage of the hair structure.
Innovative professional formula to protect hair during the technical treatments, is definitely against: fragility, hair breakage, cooked bits, drained. It is also the right solution for: repair, reconstruction, strengthening of weak & damaged.

TECH Repair Recostruction 1
You add the bleach or color to strengthen and rebuild immediately the keratin protein chains. Prepare the destaining/color mixture with oxygen as usual. Add TECH Repair Recostruction 1 into the mix as per the enclosed instructions. Apply the solution on the hair in the standard procedure. Wash your hair gently with shampoo pH4.

TECH Repair Integrator 2
Applied on the hair after rinsing of bleach or color, allows to keep the newly formed protein chains.
Apply hair Repair TECH Integrator 2 just washed (N.B. long hair require more product than the dosage indicated in the table). Leave on for at least 5/6 minutes, Rinse gently without the use of shampoo and proceed with styling. Restores and repairs the hair during the exposure time of technical treatments increasing resistance, volume, shine beyond all expectations. Simple to use, delete from the first application the feeling of dryness and rough haired technical-chemical treatments also created the most delicate products. Prevents any more aggressive treatments such as awareness during bleaching. Regenerates the revitalisation brittle hair structure, giving elasticity and volume. Formulated with natural active useful to reconstruct the bridges reduced sulfur-sulphur by chemical treatments, enriched with 18 amino acids and hyaluronic acid to protect hair and scalp.
packaging: bottles of 125 ml.