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Liding Life
Liding Life - KEMON - Haircare Treatments

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Liding Life
KEMON - Haircare Treatments


system ideal for professional hair care and hair salon to offer its customers targeted treatments to meet every need of skin and hair. It works thanks to the selection of active ingredients derived from natural ingredients and treating active.
In all of the shampoos of the range, in-depth studies and careful evaluation of cosmetic ingredients have led to the development of a balanced blend of surfactants able to cleanse the hair and scalp in an extremely delicate, completely avoiding the use of SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate).

Preventive treatment of fall acting primarily at the level of the microcirculation of the skin, stimulating the hair bulb with substances that help promote a healthy and natural hair regrowth. The formula -based Ginseng plays a nourishing and stimulating, Zinc Gluconate and the complex of B vitamins prevent the formation of free radicals and
play a sebum regulator, the methyl- Nnicotinato increases the microcirculation causing a slight sensation of heat due to the increased blood flow in the skin application site. All this favors the penetration of the active ingredients present in the product functional.

Cleansing gel with a stimulating action on the basis of Ginseng. The vitamin mix contained in it protects skin and hair from environmental stress, and is responsible for regeneration, oxygenation and reactivation of epidermal cells. The activity toning and strengthening of the active ingredients in its formula makes it particularly suitable for cleansing the hair
have lost their natural strength and tend to fall. He has an intense action returned, volumizing and restructuring, slowing the fall from stress linked to impairments.
Fragrance: mint and sage.
packaging: bottles of 250 and 1000 ml.

In combination with Poly Vital Shampoo is recommended for the treatment vial hair fall subject to early or too abundant. Has a stimulating and invigorating the hair bulb. Guarantees to the scalp and pilo sebaceous apparatus proper nourishment to restore the best functional and hygienic conditions. The functional complex consists of Ginseng,
Zinc and Vitamin B, brings elements essential for proper hair growth.
Fragrance: Cinnamon and myrtle.
instructions for use: Apply after shampoo Poly Vital, distribute on the skin sections. POLY VITAL LOTION Puu also be applied on the skin and dry hair. Massage by lightly pressing with your fingertips. Do not rinse.

1 ampoule per day for 5 weeks (avoiding the application to the 7 ^ / ^ 14 /21 ^ / 28 ^ day) cleanse your hair with Poly Vital Shampoo 2/3 times a week.

2 ampoules per week, after shampooing, for 3 weeks.
Package : 8 ml vial in a box 6:30 pcs.