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VIBRATION - REVIVRE - Hair Tone on Tone

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REVIVRE - Hair Tone on Tone

Permanent direct coloring cream

Based on micro pigments which settle between the cuticle and the upper layers of the hair fiber is polished stem leaves is compact and secure. The formula is enriched with conditioning additives that provide greater moisture and silkiness. The colors are reversible
and last from 3 to 20 hair shampoo ' according to the type and concentration of the pigment used. The intensity varies depending on the base of nuance applied the porosity of the hair and the amount of Clear used.
shades: 7 shades can be used individually or miscible.
directions for use: apply on clean and dry. Leave on for 20 minutes ' rinse and wash your hair with Brilliant Color Shampoo. In conclusion apply Brilliant Color Mask.
packaging: 100 tubes and 250 ml.