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ADD Framcolor
ADD Framcolor - FRAMESI - Hair Tone on Tone

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ADD Framcolor
FRAMESI - Hair Tone on Tone


color exalter
The secret of Framcolor ADD is in the beta-hydroxy acid, a substance that smoothing does not alter the pH of the hair and its structure. Enriched with Vitamins E (anti-aging) and H (restructuring), Framcolor ADD leaves the hair soft and compact. Framcolor ADD works on all types of hair :
• give a touch of gloss to the natural color
• renew a cosmetic coloring between a service and the other
• accentuate the nuances of Framcolor 2001 Futura and Eclectic
• toning streaks and discolorations
• retrieve the color after a ripple or a straightening
• make a mask ripigmentante
Shades available in 10 shades and many sweet scents, Framcolor ADD is also miscible with the lines of semi-permanent and permanent hair color shades to get personalized
box: 250 ml bottle