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010PLUS - B-SPOT - Hair Color

Professional coloring in 10 minutes

-permanent and semi-permanent color to oxidation
-with reduced ammonia content
-Nanotechnology-color in 10 minutes because it is characterized by the presence of pure pigments of high quality and very small molecular weight (nano pigment molecules)
-expandable: allows you to mix colors offering tremendous possibilities of expression without being limited by the number of nuances. 010plus ' returns value at time of beauty professionals and their clients. And the shutter speed is reduced ' allow you to optimize the time of hairstylist in living room and the client increasingly engaged. 010plus provides 100% coverage of grey hair.
010plus color in 10 minutes thanks to its particularly pure pigments in the form of different precursors and stipulation and grandeur is best conveyed thanks to a base with a high affinity to the formulation to the hair fiber.
010plus consists of vegetable ingredients like lychee Aloe ' Moringa Oleifera ' Xylitol and Lactitol ' which help to moisturize the hair ' heal ' regenerate ' acting also as antioxidants that protect the hair from thermal or mechanical stress.
010plus is an ammonia-based color with a very low percentage is below the terms be declared by law.
010plus 3.0 fully respects all shades because the coloring process stops in 10/15 minutes ' so the desired effect is guaranteed also in case of installation extra.
With PURE TONE becomes semi-permanent.
The new 010PLUS is fully created in Italy where patents have been devised for this invention. Our laboratories ensure the absence of catalysts ' accelerators or technical tricks ' safe ' components and approved by the Ministry of health and in compliance with the latest EU regulations.
-the shutter speed between 8 and 10 minutes for all the nuances proposals;
-full coverage of white hair;
-compliance with tonal heights;
-non-progressive nature of the color.

shades: available in 57 nuances in the series: the Amazonian NATURAL ' natural INTENSE of PANTELLERIA ' GOLDEN BROWN ' the KLONDIKE of the CAUCASUS ' AUBURN of INDIA ' the Reds ' TUNDRA ' ASH Ireland HAVANA MAHOGANY ' HAWAII ' CORRECTORS ' PURPLE LIGHTENERS.

packaging: tube of 100 gr.


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